Hi Marc

Thank you very much for you and your team's help and professionalism in Spray Foaming my Roof in Burri Ram

We are very happy with the outcome of the work done, especially with us not being present at the house.

We are so glad we had the confidence in you and your team.

Thank you again Marc.

All the best and good health

Colin & Chamnong

(Sent from the UK, regarding spray foam roof insulation for a villa in Ban Kruat, Buri Ram)

Hi Marc,

It has been 3 months now since you and your team visited Roi Et and sprayed my leaky roof, and I am happy to let you know the rain has stayed out of the house since then.

We have had numerous heavy rain storms, from all different sides of the house, along with some incredibly high winds and my ceilings are still dry inside.

I would like to thank you for a highly efficient solution, and praise your team for a fantastic job well done. The way they kept the house clean and tidy during their work was superb, and their final clean up left nothing for me to tidy up after you left. Pass on my gratitude to them for their hard work and kind consideration for myself and my property.

The fact that you were here all the time also helped enormously with any questions or doubts I had, you explained everything thoroughly and easily, which left me totally confident in you and your team.

Once again, many thanks for an excellent and very professional solution, executed flawlessly and extremely cost effective for me.

My house is dry again thanks to you.

Best Regards

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Marc and after 3 years of buckets in the house during storms and goodness knows how many failed repair attempts, I can now relax when it's pouring outside.
The spray foam has not only fixed our leaks but also helps insulate your house.
To top it off, Marc is one of the nicest and most honest people I have dealt with in Thailand.

David Barnett
Hi Marc

Hope you are well!

I was home in Thailand few weeks back and thanks for the good job done!
It's a big difference of temperature inside the house now​, very impressed ​!

All the best

(​From Sweden, currently living in Samut Prakan)​
Hello Marc

We had a momentous rainstorm here in Korat a night or so ago, it started with the winds around 01.30 AM and
I got awakened by the ​noise from the heavy ​downpour...

Safe to say...ur product saved the day ..!!

I'm happy to become a reference for anyone who is unsure...
Thank the team...

Hi Marc,

I hope all is well for you. As promised here is the testimonial for the job you did for me.
I would like to thank ​you​ and ​your​ team for an excellent job to fix my roof leaks.

Our house is 10 years old and had developed ​many severe ​leaks during the recent storms. ​
You were​ quick to respond to my enquiry and I had an inspection and quote within 2 days.
Job was completed 3 days after getting the quote.

​Your​ team w​as ​very courteous,​ clean,​ efficient and professional and ​you yourself are​ a very friendly and knowledgeable person.

I'm very happy with the outcome.

Hope this helps.

All the best,
Colin​ Morrell (from Australia)

Ban Manora, Soi 101,
Petkasem Rd. Khao Tao,
Hua Hin.
Hey Marc,

Again, always a pleasure meeting you and your crew. Thank you for a speedy and thorough job again with my new addition to my house.

As I mention, my house is the only one in our villas that does not have water leaks with a heavy rain, especially here in Pattaya. Now, I have piece of mind and 100% certain of your product and service, I have no worries at all and I always recommend your company to everybody.

It's been a year since the first spray on my main house and friends and family always speak of how cool the house is without the air conditioner on. I love it because my electric bill is extremely low for running four air conditioners, at an average of six to eight hours per day.

Again, Marc thank you and your crew for your professionalism and excellent service, as I said a year ago, don't take this the wrong way, but I hope I never see you again.

Take care and enjoy life,

​Eakmonkol 8 Pattaya/​ USA-California

Letter of Appreciation
Henry Bohan
Baan Hua Hin
Hua Hin
28th April 2015
Dear Marc,

This is to confirm my appreciation and gratitude for the work carried out in April 2015 by yourself and your team from Sprayfoam.

The work carried out has been 100% successful in all respects and has given me peace of mind.

The team was extremely professional and caused minimum inconvenience during the time the work was carried out and I would have no hesitation in recommending both you and your company to any potential clients that may require the same services as you provided for me.

The roof is 100% sealed and I am 100% satisfied.

Best Regards,

Henry Bohan
Hoi Marc,

Hoe is het?

Met ons hier alles goed,die foam werkt perfect, veel koeler binnen, regent helemaal niet meer binnen,echt een aanrader.

Laat iets weten als je nog eens in Buriram bent.


Verzonden op 19/11/2014 door R. Kolla uit Belgie, vanuit zijn huidige woonplaats Mueang Buri Ram in Thailand.
Marc, 13-12-'13

Thanks for your service and for completing the roof treatment promptly and with minimum disruption to our daily life.

I can tell you that there has been a significant reduction of heat in our house. There has also been a noticeable improvement in reducing outside noise.

Although the noise reduction is not dramatic, it's certainly better than what we were experiencing beforehand. So overall, we are very happy with the results.

Thanks also to your crew for their courtesy and particularly for the extra work they did with laying the "Stay Cool" insulation on the ceilings, free of charge.

Much appreciated.

Best Regards ... Tony & Duen Ban Balina II, Huaiyai Rd. Pattaya

Thanks for a professional and prompt job. Excellent work.

If you ever need a reference then please use Bee and myself.

Nice to meet you and once again many thanks. ChrisW

(Received per sms from Mr. C. Winter (UK), currently living in Kathu, Phuket)
DEAR MARCUS,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ELECTRICITY BILLS:] 2010FEB,,,,,,,4095TBHT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2011FEB,,,,,,2780TBHT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, SAVING,1315TBHT,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear Marcus,

Now we were already having some quite heavy rainfalls, but no leak can be detected in the roofs of my home, thanks to the professional work of your staff and your spray-foam-system. So, you solved a big problem that I had before, but now I do not worry anymore about rainstorms. Thank your very much again!

Wilhelm ( from Germany)

Amnat Chalern,

In my house in Bangkok I had a roof with no insulation whatsoever. This resulted in extreme temperatures in my upper floor rooms.

Two months ago I contacted Spray Me to discuss the possibility of foam insulation. I received competent advice, a visit to prepare a quotation and finally the foam insulation job. All was handled professionally and timely. Temperatures in my upper floor have dropped significantly and I am convinced there will be a significant reduction on my air con bills.

Thanks and Regards,
Roland Hoehn (Germany)
Managing Director
Stiebel Eltron Asia
Dear Marc and crew,

With this e-mail I would like to thank you for the amazing job you did. After many attempts from several local builders to try and fix my roof, me and my wife were getting really desperate.

Until you guys came to spray the roof and finally succeeded in making it water tight. If I had only known before that there was a company here in Thailand, that can seal roofs with Polyurethane foam, like we have back in the States alot.

All the best,
Billy and Danny Maxwell (USA)
Cha'am, Petchaburi
Sprayfoam Thailand PurFoam has solved my leaky roof headaches!

I had a simple house built one and one half years ago. 15 meters long 5 meters wide, a straight structure, no turns. The builder, Master Builders in Klong Thawi Wattana, had a one year guarantee in our written and notarized contract. They did not install the roof watertight through misalignment and after 2 half assed attempts to correct their shoddy work they chose to not honor their guarantee after 2 months, walk away and leave me with a leaky roof.

Lek, the manager, told me to take them to court if I didn't like it, so be warned of them. I made 2 other attempts with other crews to replace and re-align the roof tiles covering the spine of the roof. Both crews guaranteed a 100% fix, both failed, and essentially said sorry we can't fix it. I will say it did improve a little but still leaked.

Everyone was telling me I had to redo one whole side of my house to realign the tiles straight so the winds would not blow the rain up and through the the gaps in the misaligned tiles. I was spinning my wheels wasting time and money while not being comfortable in my house.

I came across Sprayfoam Thailand Roof insulation in the Bangkok Post and contacted them. Marc came out and looked at my house to arrive at an estimate. He informed me that it was a little out of the ordinary to do just a section of the roof, they usually do the whole thing, so he could not give me their typical 10 year guarantee but was sure that they could help with their foam product. I only needed a 1 meter wide strip sprayed the whole length of the spine of the roof, 15 meters. Marc gave me what I asked for. His crew arrived to do the job when they said they would, were extremely careful and clean during the process, some foam floats and scatters, cleaned up afterwards and did a great job. Marc stopped by to check up also.

It has been about 4 months now and where I live has been pounded over the last 2 months with storms from every direction of the compass, yet my roof is 100% waterproof. I wish I knew about these guys while building my house and before I pissed my money and time away with well meaning but incompetent contractors. The acid test for me on just about anything is, "Would I do it again", and regarding Spray Me Pur Foam, the answer is ABSOLUTELY.

In fact SMPF is coming to our school next week to give us an estimate to fix the school's leaky roof.

J. Connors (USA)

Klong Thawi Wattana, Bangkok.
Dear Marc,
Hereby I want to thank you for the excellent job of treatment of my roof with sprayfoam.

Actually it was never end story of leaking as my roof is Spanish type with complicated one - straight lines and round shapes at the same time and it is quite big. All these small leakings all over the roof have been just a disaster. Sometimes I even could not find the exact place of leaking. I do not talk about spoiled furniture - for now I have to change the upholstery of furniture on the 1st floor. I thought about serious treatment of the roof - pick up the tiles and install them again, properly this time and I could not even imagine how much it will cost me!

The remedy discovered to be very simple and not expensive - roof treatment provided by you company. Now - no leaking at all! I was not sure what will be during storms, you know our tropical rains, and they are amazing! But nothing happened, no leaking! Moreover I get - 10-year guaranty. That's great! But as I know (I did my homework - ) it will stay longer.

Another important point - the price. My niece lives in Spain and has typical Spanish house and from time to time we share some information regarding the house. Her family did the same - roof treatment as you company provides - it is usual service in Spain. Should I say that the price was counted many times? And with the same result.

Another advantage is temperature control. I was not sure if it will work as it could be extremely hot in Thailand and I installed air cons in each room. You maybe will be surprised but now I pay less for the electricity! I could not determine how many degrees temperature is now but sure a few degrees less and often it is enough not to switch on the air con. It is great, isn't it?

So I want to thank you for the service provided and for all your kind advices!

n case your clients need advice, I will be glad to highly recommend sprayfoam treatment and your respected company.

Best regards, Irina Belyukina
Moscow, Russia
(Hua Hin, Thailand)
Dear Marc

In Januari 2009 I contacted Spray Me asking to do a job for me after a lot of problem with leaking roof. I got quickly a price that was to my satifaction and I ordered the job.

Everything works very well.

The delivery of the work was done quickly in the agreed time.
The workers were friendly and careful when they carried out the work.
Workers cleaned up after the work was completed.
So far, I can give the best recommendation. For obvious reasons I can not speak about the function in future. But I feel secure in the multi-annual references Spray Me show me.

Clas Persson Sweden

Khao Tao Hua Hin Thailand

I would like to thank you for the work recently carried out on my property. It was a refreshing experience to deal with such a very professional company. Your service was excellent from the initial quotation, the detailed information about your product; the excellent craftsmanship of your employees, who work to a very high standard, to the visit after the work was completed to my satisfaction, and to issue a written 10-year guarantee. We have recently experienced heavy rains for days and my roof is 100% sealed. I would not hesitate to recommend your company because you work to very high European standards.


Lenny Bosworth (UK)

Gorboon Village, Chaam
28th November 2009

Dear Marc

I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent work carried out on the roof of our Hua Hin Villa.

For many months we had suffered from various leaks in our roof and no matter how hard we tried it seemed there was no permanent solution to the problem. No sooner had we managed to stem the flow in one area than another appeared elsewhere in the roof.

Your advert in the Observer caught our eye and a look at your professional website convinced us that your company may just have the solution to the problem.

We were dealt with professionally and courteously - a thorough inspection of the roof was carried out and a sensible price agreed for the work. At no time did we feel pressured into having to accept the quotation but a fully comprehensive explanation to the remedy made us feel extremely comfortable about agreeing to the work being authorized.

On the agreed date your team arrived slightly ahead of time, were a pleasure to have on site, and left having tidied up after themselves, leaving the house and outside area just as they had found it.

Although there has been no rain since the work was completed we feel totally confident that the procedure carried out will have cured the problem, with the additional benefit of reducing the temperature indoors.

Thank you for your diligence and may I congratulate you and your team for a job very well done. There will be no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone we know in the future.

Best Regards
Pam Thomson Hua Hin (formerly of the UK)
"Here's a tip-top tip for all potential house buyers here in Thailand. Take the trouble to inspect the roof cavity before making the big decision. Just peer up with the help of a pair of sturdy steps. Look around with a powerful torch for cracked tiles and obvious gaps. Then look again with the light off - even small holes are enough to cause big problems in a downpour.

If as we did, you discover the problem after you've moved in you will need to find a solution that really works. Our scenario: Newly build end-of terrace townhouse in Onnut area of Bangkok. First heavy (wind-lashed) rain - bucket job drips through light fitting. Called in local 'roof' man. All one hundred or so corrugated asbestos type tiles removed and replaced. Job finished - first rain - big leak no more. Celebration shortlived - new leak in different location!

Call to roof man (he had been paid cash around 12,000 baht) - "I will send my man tomorrow." Big surprise - tomorrow no came. Had to do something so spent three sweat dripping hours clambering about in unfamiliar territory of roof cavity attempting to squirt sealant in to anything that looked like a gap. Waited for next FFFFFing Fontok and prepared for the great Plop, Plop. It came - only it was more like Plop, plop, plop, plop........

Radical solution called for. Located Sprayfoam Thailandpurfoam.com on the Internet and called the first number given.

Within minutes I was speaking to Marc and mightily encouraged to hear his fluent English. Encouraged even further when he said he would be able to do a survey that same day in the afternoon. He arrived with his 'Sprayer-in-Chief'. Inspection was done and shortly after we were given a written quotation. This was on a Friday. The job was scheduled for the following Tuesday.

And how did it all work out? Team arrived early Tuesday morning - prepared everything for the Great Pump Up - spray lines hoisted up outside to third floor - walk boards positioned in the cavity and the Big Spray began. Job finished and everything cleaned up by late afternoon.

Has it done the job? Two storms later the answer has to be yes. The polyurethane foam spray is like that Dutch beer that refreshes parts other beers can't reach and it sets rock hard, holding everything in place. Naturally it also acts as a sound and heat insulator.

Marc has already called to check up on how it all went and reaffirmed his commitment to his 10 year guarantee plus his offer to instantly sort out any problems. This he followed up with an e-mail.

Conclusion - effective solution, excellent service, nice people to deal with.

Kelvin Rugg"
Luzern Village
On Nut, Bangkok
Hey Marc,

Thanks again for the great work and awesome service.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I hope I never have to see you again 🙂

Take care

James Hill (USA)

Eakmonkol 8, Soi Kaotalo, Pattaya
Hi Marc

Just a quick note to say thanks, your guys turned up yesterday afternoon, identified the problem and re-sprayed the roofline, finished the job and cleaned up after. A very friendly crew, once again thanks for the quick and efficient response which is not something one expects in Thailand!

Kind Regards
John Coughtrie
Nongprue, Chonburi
"We decided to replace our roof. It had lasted twelve years but it was corrugated metal and was hot, noisy in the rain and it also leaked. We replaced with tiles and looked at the different options for insulation against heat and noise. Sprayfoam Thailand offered those benefits, plus a guarantee that the roof would be waterproof.

We further noted that the tiles were effectively glued by the foam which offered two further benefits against wind damage and potential thieves entering through the roof. Expensive? Not really, not when you consider how much more we were getting than just basic heat insulation.

Installation was accomplished in one day, the work crew doing their best to cover walls, furniture and so on from the inevitable overspray. (This would not have been necessary had we not also decided to replace our suspended panel ceiling at the same time).

The immediate improvement in the temperature was the first benefit, noticed first by the workers replacing our ceilings. The reduction in intrusive noise was next noticeable. A storm became a mere murmer instead of a tattoo and noise made by neighbours (who believe noise to be an entertainment value) disappeared, allowing us to sleep comfortably way past 4.30 am when they usually crank up the bass.

The roof shows no signs of leakage and we have no doubt that the tiles will hold fast against both wind and villains.

I know that we have made the right decision and would recommend the procedure for both new and retro-fitted houses. If it lasts beyond the guaranteed 10 years, it will have been really worthwhile from both the economic and comfort aspects."

Richard and Ratree Morris (UK/Thai)
77 Moo 6
Lahansai, Buriram 31170