Cost and Payment

The cost of our treatment depends on the type of roof tiles as well as on the location of your property. Prices vary between 500 and 700 baht per sqm. for roofs with a minimum size of 100 sqm.


​A roof located in Hua Hin or Cha-am with a surface which is less than 100 sqm. or located in Bangkok with a surface less than 150 sqm. can only be treated at a surcharge of 7.500,- THB, due to our high start-up costs.​ When your roof is located in the Isarn, Chiangmai, Phuket or Koh Samui/ Koh Chang, a minimum area of 300 sqm is needed before we can make the trip.


The closer to Hua Hin, our home base, the lower the sqm. price. In Hua Hin and Cha’am areas we charge 550,- THB/sqm.


In Bangkok and Pattaya for example we charge 600,- THB/sqm., to compensate for travel-and hotel expenses.


We travel with a team of five in a lorry and a pick-up truck.


In Phuket, Koh Samui, the Isarn region or Chiangmai/Chiangrai however, we charge 650,- to 750,- THB/sqm. depending on the size of your roof area as well as the distance from Bangkok to your location.


A single roof that’s larger than 500 sqm. or multiple roofs that add up to more than 500 sqm. receive a discount of 10 % up to 15%, depending on the total size of the roof surfaces combined.


We use a sliding scale to price multiple roofs on the same location so it can be very interesting for you to try to find more people that also live in your Soi or on your Project, who perhaps have similar roof problems.
If we can attend several customers in one visit, the price of treatment of each single roof will be significantly lower for all involved.
Call us or send us an e-mail and we will send one of our specialists to meet you at your home and make you a fixed quote straightaway.
Upon agreement of treating your roof, we require a 50% deposit in advance into our bank account. The final 50% must be paid right after the treatment is completed.