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Sprayfoam (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is very proud to announce that we have been hired by IKEA to spray one of the roofs of their newest branch in Bang Yai, Nonthaburi with 2 inch PU-foam.
The building had only been in use since March 2018 but already the metal sheet roof was suffering from multiple leaks.
This job took us 2 weeks to finish and has been completed early July, 2018, it consisted of 1090 SQM of 2 inch sprayfoam including UV-protection and was carried out by a team of 7 men in total.
The blue building on this pictures shows the location of our job, our scaffolds were set up on top of that roof.
Extensive preparation was needed here and in general we could call this quite a difficult job due to the high safety and security demands as well as due to the location itself, 7 floors up on top of a shopping mall with very limited access and lots of car and pedestrian traffic all around us all the time.
As we had no proper access in order to spray underneath this roof we had no choice but to spray on top, which meant that we had to cover the foam layer afterwards with 3 coats of Jotashield to protect the foam against the sun, because poly-urethane foam is many things but it is not uv-resistant.
Pictures below show the roof after the 1st coat of Jotashield has been applied.
Pictures below show the roof after the 2nd coat of Jotashield has been applied.
And Finally, the pictures below that show the roof after the 3rd coat of Jotashield has been applied.
When the 2nd coat of uv-sealant is applied, the foam layer looks a lot like fresh snow, especially on a sunny day.
Of course, after we were done completely we cleaned up very well after ourselves which took our 4 men team almost a full day.
After all was done Ikea expressed their gratitude and the building company that build the mall itself years ago, has already contacted us for a new and also quite large job in Bangkok later this year.
Needless to say I am very proud of all our staff here at Sprayfoam (Thailand) and I am also very happy to be recognized for our quality and service. 
It is also important to know that this job came to us by auction in which many local Bangkok companies had participated, many of them had quoted a much lower price than us yet we got the job….!!
This villa is located on a project called Crystal View in Hua Hin and has a roof area that measures well over 300 sqm    
This roof had insulation foil fitted under the roof tiles. This useless material does not have much effect and is highly flammable, so it is a good thing that it has to be removed entirely before we spray the roof tiles anyway.
For a small surcharge of 35,- THB/sqm. we have removed all the foil, collected it all in large plastic bags and dispose of it at the nearby garbage dump.      
The foil removal took us one and a half day, spraying the roof took us another two and a half day so we were done completely in 4 days.    
 When we finish work each day, as well as after we are done completely, we clean up properly which results in customers complimenting us often for the way we work.   
This little Thai-style villa was built more than 15 years ago in Bangkok, on Sukhumvit Soi 101 to be precise.
Over the years, multiple add-ons and roof extensions had been constructed to provide more living space.
Because there was no access to spray these roofs from underneath, we had to spray them both on-top instead. 
As the roof was made of so-called ethernite sheets with a low slope (or pitch), we could walk and work easily on top of the roof so the spraying was done completely in one day.
However, to protect the new insulation from the sun, as the poly urethane foam is not uv-resistant, we finished off with applying three coats of durable high quality exterior emulsion paint, which took us another 2 days to complete.
The uv-sealant makes the roof look like it has been snowed upon, as you can see on pictures below. 
Foam on top – Respray (1 inch) in Rawai, Phuket
Driving from Koh Samui to Phuket you enter Krabi province and come across some stunning mountain views.
Here to work in Phuket, as we were called to come to spray the roofs of a lovely set of villa’s in Rawai, where the roofs had leaked so badly recently, that the owner had moved out and stayed in a hotel temporarily.
Located in a very quiet little street off the busy Saiyuan Road that connects Chalong with Naiharn Beach, we found a low sloping roof of ethernite sheets, already sprayed but very badly and much too thin as well, hence all the leaks still persisting.
The owner had agreed with principle contractor on a 2 inch layer of foam but the workers only sprayed 1 inch, if that, and they called it finished as on pictures above and wanted to collect final payment. After some discussion the contractors took off, leaving with just an advance and the home owner with a roof still very much in need of proper sealing. That appeared to be so true when after an unusual heavy rainy season last year his roof leaked as badly as before and in some places even worse, so he had to move out into an hotel until we came to the rescue.
When I arrived to survey and measure the roof one month earlier, I must admit I have seen my share of badly sprayed roofs, but this one tops my list. The owner did not know, until we told him, that the foam needs protection against uv radiation and only very expensive, top quality exterior paint will do the job, cheap brands or an interior paint instead of exterior will definitely not protect the foam and the damage by the sun can be seen clearly on these pictures. So we agreed to spray another 1 inch on top of the old foam layer to save costs and also to help him with applying the proper paint in 3 coats as an uv-sealant. We have used AkzoNobel’s ‘SuperCote’ (Nanotex) white exterior paint (semi-gloss) @ 1.700 THB per 15 L. container. 
Our Spray Team at work:
Huge plastic sheets are held up to protect adjacent properties against over-spray.
Although a welcome alternative work space, usually we work inside confined roof attics where the temperature easily reaches well above 50 degrees Celsius, it has his own challenges while working on top, like hard winds and very bright sun-light.
Some well appreciated refreshments, bought by the home owner for my team.
New foam layer completed by Sprayfoam (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
The 2nd and 3rd coat of UV Sealant  completed on lower roof
The 2nd and 3rd coat of UV Sealant  completed on upper roof.
It looks a lot like snow, doesn’t it ?

Leaking Roof on Koh Samui


It has been a while since we last went to this beautiful island only a 30 km ferry ride away from Surat Thani.


Here, on top of a mountain with very high sloping roads we were called to provide a much needed insulation and sealing job as the roof of this stunning villa suffered from several water leaks.



Just after coming through the main entrance you are welcomed by awesome ocean views. Taking the stairs to the upper floor with even better views, we find the service hatch that gives access to the roof’s attic. This one is nicely located near a spacious balcony instead of inside a narrow bathroom, like usual.

We put plastic sheets on the floor to protect against dirt and pulled up our hoses through a window.


While the owner of this fabulous property already installed insulation blankets on top of the ceilings, he was not really impressed by it’s cooling effect and he said he looked forward to the foam doing a much better job at that than the rock-wool. The roof has some big areas with smart board fitted, we will spray those as well to ensure maximum protection against the heat and rain all around.

When I climbed the hill behind this house, I noticed that when zooming in with a real camera, there were quite some inconsistencies on top of the metal sheet roof, probably because of ill workmanship. 


Gaps could clearly be spotted mostly on the seams of the sheets as indicated in red, but also some couod be seen easily on the edges of the roof.


It took us two days to complete this job entirely and including the smart-wood parts, the total area sprayed was a little over 230 sqm.


As usual upon completion, we have cleaned up in and around the house very thoroughly and properly like we always do, leaving no trace at all as if we never been there at all…






The first job that we did in the new year​ was in Korat, for a Dutch expat who bought this place 4 years ago.

The house is located in The Central Park, a very nice compound seemingly on the outskirts of town, yet only 3 km away from the Mall.



The roof had only a few small leaks but it was also very warm on the top floor of the villa and the owner wanted to do something about that.



The car port in front of the house had a lot of really bad leaks however, and needed foaming as well.

Half of the ceilings had to be removed first from the car port before spray foam treatment could commence as there were no beams for us to stand on. So we used a set of steel scaffolds on wheels.



During the job, it happens sometimes that tiny bits of foam come out of the roof tiles through tiny little gaps, which are actually potential leaking areas of course.



We use ladders to climb on top of the roof after the job is completed entirely and take away those ugly bits of over-spray with a box-cutter or a stanley-knife.



This way, the roof looks great inside- and out and another top job is completed by Sprayfoam (Thailand).


Another job that we did during the final months of​ 2016 was at Ban Manora in Khao Tao.
Here we found a roof that was already sprayed a long time ago, but had started leaking badly anyhow.
No surprise it was leaking, as this was by far the most appalling job that we have ever seen before.
Carried out by Lohr-Trade from Pattaya, one of our biggest competitors, who often just send a Thai team to the customer without any supervision by a foreign engineer who knows what to do and how to do it.
When we took pictures inside the attic without using the flash, you could see very clearly day-light coming through the foam (!!!) and patches of shoddy workmanship were all over the roof as well.
The roofs that sat over the balconies were not sprayed at all, I never seen that before, and the over all thickness of the foam layer was measured to be 1 inch or less, while the customer clearly had ordered and agreed with Lohr-Trade to have a 2 inch spray foam treatment in his leaking roof.
This kind of bad practice happens a lot as we are called often to houses with badly sprayed roofs, we do a re-spray of 1 or 1.5 inch and leave the client with a solidly sprayed roof that comes with our ten year water roof guarantee as well.
When a spray foam contractor is of ill will and bad intent then the customer is helpless as the contractor knows that most people, especially older people, will never climb into the attic to check the works properly because it is too high or too dangerous.
What a shame.
These final pictures show the end-product, we charged only 325 thb per sqm as we only sprayed 1 inch on average. The customer sent us this message via e-mail 3 weeks after we were done:

Hi Marc,

I hope all is well for you.
I would like to thank Marc and his team for an excellent job to fix my roof leaks.
Our house is 10 years old and had developed leaks during the recent storms. Marc was quick to respond to my ​i​nquiry and I had an inspection and quote within 2 days.
Job was completed 3 days after getting the quote. His team were very courteous, efficient and professional and Marc himself is a very friendly and knowledgeable person. I’m very happy with the outcome.
All the best,

Another job that we did during the final months of​ 2016 was in Nong Plaa Lai, North Pattaya where we were called in to seal the roof of a very funny looking bungalow that was part of a very unusual hotel called ‘Fruit Resort’ .

Only the durian-shaped room had multiple roof leaks and needed to be sprayed.
Possibly during the fitting of the ‘spikes’ to the outer skin of the durian, something went wrong and the only wayto seal this roof was to use spray foam insulation.
Normally we do not take jobs as small as this one, only 25 sqm. it was but the owner of the resort is also the owner of Fairtex Thai boxing Gym and Resort in North-Pattaya where we did a big job only a few months before, so we decided to help him out here too.
Ceilings were still fitted inside the cabin and had to be removed entirely including the aluminium c-lite frame before we could spray.
And another job well done by the Spray team, it took us less than a day to finish and after several weeks of heavy rains, the owner informed us happily that it had never leaked again !!
Another nice job that we did during the final months of​ 2016 was in Hua Hin, where on a project called Hua Hin Pavillion on the outskirts of twon, on the road towards Black Mountain Golf Course, this cute little villa needed protection against the elements.
The home owner complained about the high temperature in his house as well as about several leaks that kept on coming back, even after several local builders had come to the house to fix the roof leaks.
He finally realized that foaming the roof tiles was the only way to go, after checking the facts on the internet and consulting with friends back in Europe.
After we were done completely, a neighbor who was interested a little in the roof treatment, came to this house and asked us and the owner if he could check the temperature inside the attic as well as inside the living room, of course he could !
After he noticed the big difference in temperature between the cool sprayed roof and his own hot villa next door, we came to a deal and sprayed his roof during the next few days.
Well done by the Spray Team !
Another job that we did during the final months of​ 2016 was in Bang Saray, at a cute little villa in a lovely project called Pobchoke Garden Hill.
There was easy access to the attic using a big sized service hatch in the bathroom and when we pulled the hoses through the house, we used plastic sheets to cover the floors and the outside drive ways.
Opening some tiles gives us some much needed fresh air as well as a lot more light inside the attic during the most part of the job.
The last four pictures show the roof after the insulation with spray foam is fully completed.

A small villa like this can be done in one day.

One of the jobs we did during the final months of​ 2016
Here, in the suburbs of Pattaya on a large plot of land a Thai couple were building a new villa with a roof consisting of metal sheets.
Metal sheets are notorious for letting through a lot of heat as well as them being very noisy during a heavy downpour.
So the owner, an officer of the Royal Thai Navy in Sattahip, contacted us during construction for a quote and after agreeing to the deal,  we started spraying right after the construction of the roof was finished.
During construction, when the house’s structure is up as well as the roof but the gypsum ceilings are not fitted yet, it is easier for us to work. 
There is more fresh air as opposed to working inside the confined space of a closed roof attic and also because we can use scaffolds on wheels we can work a little faster.
Overall access is slightly better for us too and makes it easier to spray the outer borders of the roof when dropped ceilings are not installed yet.
And another job completed by Sprayfoam (Thailand), well done by our Spray Team !!
The Spray Team has just returned from a trip to the Isarn region.
There, we did a spray foam insulation job in a 200 m2 roof of a residential villa in the middle of the tapioca fields around the city of Sikhiu (pronounce like ‘C.Q.’) in Korat province.
At Sikhiu (3)
At Sikhiu (4)
The roof had multiple leaks of which several quite severe but the owner hesitated at first whether to install the foam or replace the entire roof.

He worried however that the new roof might leak just as bad as well, and knowing that Thai builders are seldom responsible let alone accountable and love to cut corners by reputation, he chose for our foam instead as we provide a ten year water proof guarantee

Completed (1) Completed (2) Completed (3)
We were done in two days and went on to our next job in the area, meanwhile it started raining very heavily in Korat for days in a row, which is quite unusual for this time of year.

Four days after we had finished that job in Sikhiu, this email was sent to our Inbox :


2016-11-26 16:30 GMT+07:00:

Hello Marc


We had a momentous rainstorm here in Korat a night or so ago, it started with the winds around 01.30 AM and I got awakened by the noise from the heavy downpour…
Safe to say…ur product saved the day ..!!


I’m happy to become a reference for anyone who is unsure…

Thank the team…




Completed (4)
Completed (6)
Another great job done by Spray Foam (Thailand), the only reliable roof insulation specialist that works all over Thailand.
In the middle of town, on Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor) this famous hospital is located.
G (1)
G (2)
The 500 sqm. roof that sits on this 7-storey building consists of corrugated tiles made of eternit sheets that leaked in various places. 
Access to the job site was quite difficult due to the small soi’s in that area of Bangkok, we parked the truck close to the building and left it there for the whole duration of the job. (3 days)
G (3)
G (4)
G (5)
G (6)
Because a conference room was on the top floor and air conditioning was used during the day quite often, ordering the sprayfoam served two goals, stop the leaks and cool the underlying rooms down.
G (7)
G (8)
G (9)
G (10)
G (11)
G (12)
Job completed, another great effort by the Spray Team.




This job concerned an almost flat, metal sheet roof of 170 sqm. on Phra Tamnak Hill in Pattaya.

The small building is supposed to be a showroom for the soon to be built Elysium Condominium next door and ongoing leakage had made sales slow down significantly.


EC (1)


EC (2)


Because of the design, spraying underneath this roof was impossible so we had to spray on top of the metal sheets.


EC (3)


EC (4)


On this modified picture, the yellow and red indicates all the spots which were leaking previously to our arrival.


EC (5)


Various experts had been to repair already and nothing worked until we came to the site.


EC (6)


EC (7)


EC (8)


After the spray foam had been applied, we needed to protect it from the damaging sun so we had to apply 3 coats of uv-sealant.The first coat was done right after we finished spraying.


EC (9)


With a team of 4 men we can do one coat of paint on a 170 -200 sqm roof in little under 2 hours easily.picture above shows the roof with one layer of uv-sealant, according to many people it looks a lot like it has been snowing.

The next day we came back to work and the owner was ecstatic as it had rained massively during the night he said and there was no leaks whatsoever, we went back up to the roof and we finished another two layers of uv-sealant so the whole job was done in 2 days easily.


EC (10)


EC (11)







This nice villa is currently being built by a Swiss national on a little soi just off the Hua HIn-Pala-U Road in Tambon Hin Lek Fai in Hua Hin.




When we are spraying a roof during the construction of the house when the ceilings are not fitted yet, we have much better access to all lower areas of the roof using metal scaffolds.




The client had ordered us specifically to spray the inside of the eaves (or soffits) as well, fearing that these could suffer from leaks as well. When construction of a house is already completed we cannot spray under the eaves unless we remove the ceiling-boards completely first, which is quite a hassle and has extra costs of re-fitting the ceilings afterwards. But when the property is still under construction, there is excellent access.










The roof measured a little over 300 sqm and it took us two days to finish.











Job finished and yet another happy customer serviced by Sprayfoam (Thailand) Co. Ltd.





We were recently called in to install roof insulation during the major renovation of a Dutch-Indonesian restaurant in Jomtien, Pattaya.






The total roof area of metal sheets needed protection against the heat as well as against the noise during heavy downpours.











Apart from the metalsheet roof, we also sealed the composite smartwood boards that were fitted on top of the facade as an extra protection against heat as well as rain water coming through.







More than half of the second storey has a proper concrete floor so access for us to work conveniently was very easy.







We are very proud that Sprayfoam (Thailand) Co. Ltd. has been invited last month to spray a roof of one of Thailand’s most prestigious International Schools, the I. S. B. in Bangkok.



This roof of the school’s main library, which measures almost 2.000 sqm. and consists of generic concrete roof tiles made by Cpac Monier, is the single largest roof we have ever done. We did spray much bigger areas for one single client on projects all over Thailand, but then it concerned multiple leaking roofs instead of one single roof.




Originally, there were three storeys in this building, two of which were partially removed as where all the ceilings, resulting in a total height from ground floor to the roof’s spine of 18.5 metres.




Under normal circumstances we can spray 2.000 sqm. in 10-12 days, but because of this height we needed extensive use of scaffolding and it took almost 20 days for us to finish.





As of now, this roof is fully secured against dislodging of the tiles as well as 100% water-proof, guaranteed for ten years.




The CFO of I.S.B. Mr. Ugo Costessi, together with the on-site safety manager Khun Joe as well as Marc, our own general manager, doing a final inspection.






And this is how it looks today, ready to move in.