“Although we believe that¬†Sprayfoam Thailand¬†solves the problem for a life time, we guarantee your roof to be water proof for 10 years”

Existing buildings sometimes require a second treatment because roof spaces are not always easily accessible, or because steel beams are welded too close to the tiled roof.

Of course, this second treatment is free of charge. When spraying a roof of a house that is still under construction, and ceilings are not fitted yet, one single treatment is sufficient.

Sprayfoam Thailand’s 10 years guarantee against roof leaks becomes invalid in case of:


  • The foam has been tempered with or got damaged by external builders, or roof tiles have been removed or replaced after our treatment but without consulting Sprayfoam Thailand first.
  • A cyclone or any other kind of exceptional bad weather has caused your roof wholly or partly to collapse or be blown away.