Your Roof Guaranteed Water Proof for Ten Years

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Leaking Roof?


After we have sprayed a tiled roof or a flate concrete deck from the inside, we guarantee your roof to be 100% water proof for ten years. You will never experience roof leaks or moving tiles again and your roof space will be approx. 8 to 10 degrees Celcius cooler.


Sprayfoam (Thailand) Co. Ltd also puts an end to noise coming through the roof tiles. We provide the ultimate solution for roof leaks on new and on existing buildings. We repair more leaks than anyone, and we fix them right the first time. Our roofers are the most experienced and skilled craftsmen in the roofing industry.


We service all types of roofing. And our product is environment-friendly. It is common knowledge that roofs in Thailand do tend to leak. Even 20 million baht homes can not completely avoid this issue which stems from the typical use of steel structures for roofs combined with extreme sunshine that we constantly face in the tropics. This causes the steel structure to expand and contract which, over time, will dis-lodge the roof tiles and create small openings.


Sprayfoam (Thailand) Co. Ltd offers a durable solution to this problem: a layer of Polyurethane foam which is sprayed on the inside of the roof tiles. Also called PUR foam, it consists of two components which forms a quick drying layer of dense foam with a hard but flexible skin for ultimate protection.


The layer of PUR foam forms a thick barrier against water, moisture, insects, heat and noise. This 30-year old procedure is the most inexpensive and most efficient solution to all your roof problems and it lasts a life time.


After the treatment, your roof tiles are glued to the structure and to each other, thus ensuring that even in high winds, none will ever be dislodged or displaced.


It can take between 10 to 20 days to plan treatment of your roof.